Why work in the Space Industry?

Space Engineering interacts with our everyday lives.

When you hear the term ‘Space Engineering’ you probably think of launching rockets and exploring space, but actually, Space Engineering affects almost everything we do! Every time you use your mobile phone or turn on the TV, it is only possible because of space technology. And it doesn’t end there; Space Engineering helps the state to manage traffic, and helps us to find alternative routes to avoid traffic through the use of Satnavs. Without Space engineers we wouldn’t have an accurate weather forecast so in effect, Space Engineering even helps us to choose what to wear.

The Space Sector is one of the fastest growing industries in UK, and is also rapidly growing across the globe.

This explosive growth has created a rise in opportunities for employment within the sector at a time when jobs are harder to come by in many other industries. The UK space sector directly employs 28,900 and the industry is expanding by around 7.5% yearly.

The Space Sector is a very prosperous industry.

In 2010/2011, the UK space sector contributed £9.1 billion to the UK economy. The British Government has announced a £240 million yearly investment plan and aim to grow the UK Space Sector into a £30 billion industry by 2030. Partly due to the profitability of Space companies and organisations, wages in the space industry are generally above the national average.

The Space Sector offers a wide range of job opportunities.

Projects can vary significantly in the space industry– this is just one of the many reasons why employees in the sector find their jobs so interesting. Whilst you will be working in a specific role, there will be a wide range of positions available in a number of companies. So you may find yourself working in weather forecasting, defence or telecommunications.

Continual innovation is a huge part of the Space Sector.

Choosing a career in the space industry means that you will be working with some of the most advanced technology on the planet. You could be part of projects that actually change the world, whether it’s supporting a mission to mars, or assisting the harvest of crops in communities where starvation is a real threat – and you can’t say that about many career paths!

Working in the Space Sector offers you a job for life!

As an apprentice, you will develop a specialist skills set which will make you very valuable to your company and give you security as your career progresses. Now is the perfect time to join the space sector, the explosive growth within the industry means that it is unlikely that you will ever be out of a job!

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