The Higher Apprenticeship in Space Engineering offers you, as an apprentice, the chance to launch a career in one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors. Contributing £9.1 billion to the British economy every year, the Space Engineering industry is a vibrant and exciting industry to be a part of.

A Unique Programme

If you have a passion for maths, science or engineering, then the Higher Apprenticeship in Space Engineering is perfect for you. Combining these traditional subjects with specific practical training, our new and unique apprenticeship allows you to earn and learn at the same time. The framework will include a Foundation Degree in Space Engineering and a Level 4 work based competence programme. The Higher Apprenticeship in Space Engineering will help you to become a member of an Engineering Institute (which may be required by your employer) and could lead to a full BSc or BEng Degree.

Usually you just get a certificate when you are learning but nowadays employers are looking for more for work experience. Through being an apprentice, I’ll be able to show that I’ve done both. SOLOMON SHAHATIT, APPRENTICE AT LOUGHBOROUGH COLLEGE

Employers wish to attract applicants who have an interest in working in a space engineering environment at senior technician level and who come from a diverse range of backgrounds with a wide range of experience, achievements or qualifications.

  • Entry to this framework therefore is flexible in that applicants:
  • May have variety of qualifications such as A Levels, Certificate/Diploma in Engineering, Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering.
  • May be without formal qualifications but can show, possibly through a portfolio, that they have the potential to complete this apprenticeship, through having previously worked in the sector at Level 3.
  • May currently be employed in the sector and are looking for personal development and career progression.

It is highly likely that applicants will be asked to undertake a variety of tests which will include English, Mathematics with a physics focus, spatial awareness and problem solving, supported by an interview. These are not meant as a barrier to entry but more to gauge the ability of the applicant to achieve the programme and to tailor the individual learning plan to meet their needs and those of the employer.

Please note that this is not a course but an apprenticeship so to be employed in a relevant field is an important element that cannot be by passed.

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