The Higher Apprenticeship in Space Engineering

The UK Space Agency has identified a lack of graduates entering the Space Engineering industry, and a lack of specific practical skills in entry level employees. The Higher Apprenticeship in Space Engineering aims to change this by providing apprentices with this specific knowledge and practical skills that Space Engineering employer’s desire.

Anu Ojha, Director of Education and Space Communications at the National Space Centre, explains that

“…the Higher Apprenticeship in Space Engineering, starting in September 2014 will tackle this issue (the lack of high-level technical entrants) head on, strengthening the industry through these academically rigorous, sector specific programmes with a focus on stimulating progression from advanced level into degree level vocational pathways”.

In today’s economic climate, apprenticeships have become an increasingly important pathway into the work place for young people and graduates. The benefits of earning in a relevant industry whilst studying are invaluable. The Higher Apprenticeship in Space Engineering offers this opportunity; to earn, learn and work at the same time.

The Higher Apprenticeship in Space Engineering will include a Foundation Degree in Space Engineering, which could lead to a full BSc or BEng Degree, and a Level 4 work based competence programme.

Loughborough College is one of the UK’s finest colleges and has over 100 years experience in education. Since its earliest years, Loughborough College gained a reputation for providing excellent vocational training and to this day, Loughborough College focus on providing students with specific skills and knowledge that are directly applicable in the workplace.

In addition to offering the Higher Apprenticeship in Space Engineering in the Leicestershire area, Loughborough College will be forming partnerships with selected Colleges in the Oxfordshire and Surrey areas, so that the apprenticeship can be accessed across the country.

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